Nuutti Alfthan

case / FLTP database

Context 🗒️

The FLTP testing procedure is designed to measure the consumption and range of electric cars in nordic driving conditions. Their public database provides accurate and realistic information about the actual performance of cars, helping nordic consumers in making informed decisions when considering electric cars.

Our team was tasked with completely redesigning and rebuilding the database frontend & backend – aimed at improving the experience for both users and administrators of the service.

Challenges 📌

  1. The existing service provided users with a lot of valuable data and info but had very little to offer in terms of visualization and information hierarchy.
  2. Inputting, managing and calculating test data was cumbersome, built on a manual system and dependent on external services.

What was delivered ✅

The process

coming soon...

The results

One of the key design challenges on this project was to rethink how to efficiently display large amounts of testing data to users without making it intimidating – allowing anyone to understand the important metrics and their relations at a glance while keeping all of the data visible. And maintaining these conditions consistently on mobile.

The existing service greeted users with a massive wall of numbers without enough hierarchy or visualization. See the before/after of our improvements below.